Welcome to W Studio, the premier destination for preserving life’s fleeting moments.

We came together over five years ago to document the lives of residents in Palm Beach County and beyond. Even with hundreds of shoots behind us, no family, bar mitzvah or wedding loses its sparkle or uniqueness.

We chase the happy, crave heart-stopping moments, and cross our fingers for tears of joy! We’re intrepid, flying off to Michigan to document a Bar Mitzvah or wading in the Jupiter Inlet to capture a spontaneous splash-fest. Simply put, we love what we do. Our lenses are an extension of our hearts.

In case you’re wondering who we are, we’re a Dutch and Danish pair, Sally & Lotte. Between us we have six boys who fill our souls—and walls—with more joy than words can express. We’ve been obsessive shutterbugs since we got our first cameras as children. While the equipment has grown up, our curiosity has never waned. We’ve studied and honed our craft under the tutelage of greats, such as Jerry Ghionis.

Initially our studio was called Weesteetee which is the phonetic pronunciation of the French word for marmoset. French photographers use it to illicit smiles from even the most stubborn of little friends. While we’ve simplified our name, you’ll still hear us yelling out “weesteetee!” to get that grin.

We’re not attached to one name or one style. From photojournalistic to artistic, portraiture to candid, we give it all a go and are always up for a challenge.

Our shiny, sparkly spirit is always on display as we share our soul with our clients, so they can share theirs with us. We—Sally & Lotte—welcome you to our site. Please visit our galleries, check out our blog and feel free to call us. Maybe we’ll click and make some magic together….